Scores for the performance "Edit Distances" at the Theatre of Sources [v2.0]
~ by Joana Chicau
// the distance between the backstage and the frontstage // the distance between every tag in this skeleton // the distance between every line and its meaning // the detail and the complete settings // the distance between the dialogue and the monologue // between presence and absence // between poetry and crime // the social muscle and the power to be connected now // the distance between objects and functions // between one and one-hundred-twenty-five errors // the distance between language and technique // attention and intention // aesthetic distance // the distance between the skin and interpretation // from my hands to your screen // metaphors and trust // the voice and the text // between language and imagination // the most distant or a faraway part of the visible scene // one way: 384,402 km // document.querySelector("#watermark").style.display="none" // document.querySelector(".gb_Bc.gb_Hg.gb_R").style.display="none" // document.querySelector(".app-vertical-widget-holder").style.display="none" // document.querySelector("#content-container").style.position="relative" // goes blue // document.querySelector("#content-container").style.position="absolute" //goes black // the state of being apart in space, remotenes // document.querySelector("#content-container").style.filter="grayscale(100%)" var delay="10"; //how many seconds var count='0'; var Texts=new Array(); Texts[0]=""; Texts[1]="My dance is my walking"; Texts[2]=""; Texts[4]="384,402 km"; Texts[5]="1,261161e+9 foot"; Texts[6]=""; Texts[7]="path to or path from?"; Texts[8]="384,402 kilometer = 1452876256,709 pixel "; Texts[9]="how to measure?"; Texts[10]=""; Texts[11]="the distance between"; Texts[12]=""; Texts[13]="the monotony and the monopoly"; Texts[14]="zeros and ones"; Texts[15]="the time in between."; function Distances(){ document.querySelector('#scale').innerHTML=Texts[count]; count++; if(count==Texts.length){count='0';} setTimeout("Distances()",delay*1000); document.querySelector("#scale").style.fontSize="62pt"; } //Distances() // the handbreadth or handbreadth, also called a palm, is an obsolete non-SI unit of length. // in English usage the handbreadth was originally based on the breadth of a human hand without the thumb // and has origins in ancient Egypt. It is distinct from the hand, the breadth of the hand with the thumb // it is usually taken to be equal to four digits or fingers, or to three inches (7.62 cm) // 5044645,669291 handbreadth // a lunar distance is a measurement of the distance from the Earth to the Moon // equal to approximately 384,400 km or 238,900 miles // it is used in astronomy to measure long distances like the distances from the Earth to asteroids and comets // 0,001001046618732 function breath_in () { document.querySelector("#widget-zoom-in").click(); } // setInterval("breath_in ()",3000) function breath_out () { document.querySelector("#widget-zoom-out").click(); } // setInterval("breath_out ()",5000) //document.querySelector("#scene").style.transform="matrix(1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0)";

// credits and references:

// Original score created for Internet Moon Gallery by Joana Chicau, 2018
// The Distance of the Moon (Italo Calvino)
// Atlas do Corpo e da Imaginação (Gonçalo M.Tavares)
// Wikipedia (search query = Distance)
// // Google Maps (search query = Moon)

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