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Joana Chicau is a graphic designer and coder, with a background in choreography and performance, currently based in The Netherlands.

Her practice focus on the use of Free/Libre Open Source (Floss) models, questioning how creative coding practices interfere may deeper with interface design and information displays — when considering new (choreographic) vocabularies, embodiment and new movement perception possibilities. She has been collaborating with various international practitioners in the fields of art, design and technology both on commissioned and autonomous projects. Some previous and ongoing collaborations include The Slow Research Lab, Hackers & Designers in Amsterdam, Replica.Institute in Berlin and Constant in Brussels.

Since 2016 she runs an interdisciplinary project dedicated to researching and experimenting with digital and physical environments guided by choreographic thinking.

Chicau has been lecturing and facilitating workshops and presenting in various international events and schools: ArtEZ University of the Arts department of Interior Architecture; Integrated Digital Media at New York University, Digital Aesthetics and Software Studies at Aarhus University to name a few.

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