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Bringing choreographic thinking into interface design — developing new ways of navigating through physical & digital environments.

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Design, Code & Concept — for the website and online archive 'posthuman curating and computational culture' by Magda Tyzlik-Carver.


Design, Code & Concept _ for an online exhbition and collection of material from fieldwork notes, audio and visual recordings, transcriptions, artworks, to readymade objects which tell stories around instances when (in)equality is experienced. A collaboration with Anja Groten and the researchers of GRACE (Gender and Cultures of Equality in Europe).


Design, Code & Concept _ a new space {inflection} for political sound work & political listening.


Design, Code & Concept _ for Centre for the Study of the Networked Image a London based research centre that brings together researchers from cultural studies, contemporary art and media practice, and computing.

Choreographic Analytics

Web-Design & Concept _ Choreographic Analytics is a local analytics engine for the ‡ DobbeltDagger website, in collaboration with Anders Visti. It presents an alternative form of documenting, analyzing, notating and archiving ‡ DobbeltDagger. Every search performed is an act of making a new choreography — which brings new relations and new links between words and meanings — building up on an ecology of growing choreographies.

5'12'' of an Absent Body

Design, Code & Concept — for a web-based work transgressing into the physical space of the exhibition "The House of Dust by Alison Knowles" at CNEAI= Magasins Généraux. In collaboration with Rebekka Kiesewetter

Screen Shots: Desire and Automated Image

Graphic Design / Concept & Print - visual identity for an exhibition and symposium curated by Magdalena Tyzlik-Carver at Galleri Image Denmark.

Web VR Internet Moon Gallery

Code \ Visuals \ Concept — for the online exhibition "Theatre of Re_Sources".


Design, Code & Concept ~ for the online portfolio of the Belgian photographer Winne Lievens.

Círculo & Meio

Design * Code * visual identity and web design for the research platform of "Circle and a Half", a performance piece by Joana Chicau and the musician and programmer Renick Bell.


Web-Design ~ for the online portfolio of the Belgian artits Bert Jacobs.

Choreo-Graphic-Hypothesis Book

Print \ Graphic Design \ Concept : publication currently available at San-Serriffe Amsterdam. Produced by Publication Studio Rotterdam.


Graphic Design | Concept ~ for the new visual identity: alogotype for the Music Duo AlgoBabez.

Spaces of Flow

Graphic Design | Concept : for an e-book for UNStudio architecture studio. Design prototype and UX studies develeped while part of the Publishing Lab team at INC Amsterdam.

Books From The Future

Print \ Concept \ Graphic Design contribution for the multiple lives of a blank book is a cross-cultural tale of bookness, blankness and multiplicity, bringing the cinematic genre of documentary fiction to the printed page.

Graphic Design / Concept / for the visual identity of The Black Box Concern event at _V2 Lab for the Unstable Media.

Netherlands Coding Live

Graphic Design | Concept ~ for the visual identity: logo & website for the Netherlands based live coding community.


Graphic Design | Concept ~ for the visual identity of a live coding event at Worm Rotterdam.

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