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< We might think of choreography in terms of ‘rehearsal’; that is, as the working out and working through of utopian, nevertheless ‘real’, social relations. > Andrew Hewit

— Shall we rehearse?

Rehearsal Series is a workshop methodology a cross-disciplinary exploration of choreography with design thinking and computer programming.

By 'rehearsal' it is meant a temporary stage for experimenting with digital design tools which follow choreographic methods and conceptual concerns. Traditionally, a rehearsal is a built-in process, a space-time for developing ideas and work acknowledging unexpected and unpredictable results. This format is very similar to an open workshop, open to any participants curious to explore the use of choreographic techniques to generate new modes of thinking composition matters, participation, relations and articulations between bodies and technologies.

An important point about the Rehearsal Series is to break the distancing between mind-body, self-other, subject-object, designer-design piece; discovery-invention. Enhancing the idea of process over product: processes of becoming, becoming structures, becoming codes and scripts.

In every rehearsal a specific topic and set of tools is addressed which serves as a starting point for the construction of a 'choreographic code'. During the rehearsals, the participants are presented to various choreographic references, examples of scores and scripts, and participate in basic movement studies. Finally, participants are invited to contribute to the choreographic code: by translating the ideas discussed into design and programming logic.

See examples of previous workshops:

* Media Choreographies at Hackers&Designers Summer Academy;
* Post-digital Publishing Workshop at Stroom developed with Rebekka Kiesewetter;
* Shape and Sharing developed with Miguel Carvalhais for BACM 2019;
* Choreographing an Art Catalogue developed for 10th edition of Seoul Mediacity Biennale;

* * Further resources are published in the"Media Choreographies" wiki.

Currently teaching Coding Three: Web Development Studio UAL Creative Computing Institute and part of a joint residency on Methods, Affects & Practical Pedagogies at The School of Commons (SOC) with Varia.

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