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// find in here a list of research projects guided by a choreographic framework and computational tools as a way to think relevant to the complexity of the algorithmic landscape and data-driven society.

// this work has manifested in various forms and formats, from live performances, talks and coding demonstrations to workshops and continuous investigations on diverse movement genres and somatic practices:

A WebPage in Three Acts



EWMN: Eshkol Wachman Movement Notation

// on-going projects and collaborations include:

Circle & Half [collaborative real-time audio-visual composition w/ the computer musician Renick Bell];

Anatomies of Intelligence [a research on machine learning w/ the sound artist and art-technology researcher Jonathan Reus];

And continuous experiments with the physical theatre platform Replica.Institute

// previous projects and collaborations include:

~ second order simulacra [a video-clip and audio-visual collaboration with digital selves for her error topography EP released by the label Cherche Encore];

Web Choreographies [a performance with Jip de Beer with 3D visualizations display of the live coded web environments];

Nieuw Ballet (CodeKlavier-Extensions) [a collaboration with CodeKlavier, an open source project by Felipe Ignacio Noriega and Anne Veinberg];

Internet Moon Gallery [an expanded research on scores & scripts of the web VR Internet Moon Gallery];

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// articles, interviews and media: < body > Building: the code performance of Joana Chicau by Daniel Temkin // Choreographies of the Circle & Other Geometries @Critical Code Recipes! // Dancing with the Screen @Aiga // Media_Choreographies at @hackersanddesigners // the publication < Choreo-Graphic-Hypothesis > @Monoskop and more listed here;

// community links: #ChoreographicCodingLabs #LiveCodingNetworks #NL_CL #LibreGraphicsMeeting #Stimuleringsfonds

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