// ongoing research and practice by Joana Chicau
// this is a dedicated space to experimenting with phy-gital (aka physical & digital) guided by a choreographic framework and visual communication tools as a way to think relevant to the complexity of the algorithmic landscape and data-driven society.
// by interweaving web and design vocabularies with performance and choreographic practices and by fusing methods from the sphere of choreography with the performativity of code, the project reflects on how conditions change through affective interfacing of bodies, subjectivities and technologies.
// initially driven by an investigation on systems of notation for movement and visual composition (< Choreo-Graphic-Hypothesis > publication)
// the project has grown into different formats from live performances and coding demonstrations:

A WebPage in Three Acts

// and continuous investigations on diverse choreographic genres:

EWMN: Eshkol Wachman Movement Notation

// as well as a series of workshops and teaching methodologies;

// on-going projects and collaborations include:

Internet Moon Gallery [an expanded research on scores & scripts of the web VR Internet Moon Gallery];
Circle & Half [a dual interface and collaborative real-time composition project with the computer musician Renick Bell];
Web Choreographies [a performance with Jip de Beer with 3D visualizations display of the live coded web environments];
Anatomies of Intelligence
[a research on machine learning with the sound artist and art-technology researcher Jonathan Reus];

// plus continuous experiments with the physical theatre platform Replica.Institute

// real-time updates >> here!
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// and here link to CV;
// other links: Are.na & Vimeo

// articles, interviews and media: < body > Building: the code performance of Joana Chicau by Daniel Temkin @GlamCult @Aiga @hackersanddesigners @curatingthecontemporary @LiveInterfaces @xCoax

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